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Agroforestry is the practice of forestry on farm lands. Development of aro-forestry practices on farmlands play a signifcant role in allevating poverty and to increase the income of the farmers community with various intangible services. it has been estimated that in pakistan without harming aricultural crops, tree cover on farm lands can be increased by many times than existing level which may play a significant role to increase the income of the farmers to grow more number of trees on their farmlands. Eucalyptus camaldulensis is becoming a cash crop for poor people and farmers worldwide. job opportunities are being produced by Eucalyptus in both planting and downstream industries. A good quntity of wood can be obtained within 4-5 years from comparatively small land. Eucalyptus species can be used as wind sheet or windbreak to minimize the force of wind. Eucalyptus species can be useful for starting wind barrier as they quickly develop good roots even in dry sandy soil (FAO, 1988). Socioeconomic characters of the respondents had significant role to conclude their behaviour towards the rejection or adoption of new ideas. generally it is believed that characteristics like education, age, land holding and income of the respondents affect the awareness. young farmers have been found to be more energetic and innovative that old ones, according to the adoption theory it’s s good approach for the extention campaign and adoption of any agricultural innovations, especially, for rural resource sustainable management and for conservation of environment. if farmers had small land holding then they will not be ready to plant trees on their farmlands. farmers with small land holding will not be able to affrord any losses. the landlords will plant trees on their big areas of land, because they can afford losses. they will consider the significance of trees, that the trees are cash crops, like mpney is in the bank and could be cashed any time. high rate of illiterate people are major constraint in adopting agroforestry and to convince the farmers to adopt it, as the illiterate people are less innovative than the literate people. it is believed that farmer’s level of education is most important tool for innovative ideas, as educated farmers are well aware about the environmental problems and they can be easily convinced to adopt agroforestry. the rate at which one can assimilate and idealize new knowledge could depend on the educational level of the individual. thus low level of education tends to foster unfavorabl attitudes towards he acceptance of improved farm practices. education enhance the ability to derive, decode and evaluate useful information for agricultural production. in present study, it was noted that maximum farmers did not do any effort to enhance their family income and only the head of the family member was consider responsible for generation of income for the family. progress of afforestation on large area in short time many previously internationally funded projects promted the planting of Eucalyptus camaldulensis. because of its fast growth as copmared to other species.

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