So today let’s discuss about xerophytes, exact definition of xerophytes, nature of xerophytes and discussion about which plant fall in this category also there general behavior and what are the favorable condition for their proper growth and maybe some of the xerophytes species are up for sale.

So What is xerophyte basically this word come from greed that is xero which mean dry so its proper definition is the species of a plant which can tolerate or grow in a very harsh condition and here by harsh condition mean that they don’t need much more water for their growth, mostly these plants are found in desert area or dry area. Basically they need less water for their proper photosynthesis process the main structure of zero fight is they don’t have leaves on it but instead of leave they have thorn on it the best advantage of this species is they survive in an environment having very little water. There is very little evaporation so that more and more water can store in them most of the people thought that in xerophytes there are only one species and that is cactus that’s not correct there is one more plant that there’s also come in this xerophytes species and that is the pineapple plant. Cacti plant and more over succulents are generally found in desert area but some people have hobby to domesticate this wild species of xerophytes.

Recently I visit a person who love to domesticate the cactus family. And I was surprised that he have more than 60 varieties of actors some of them are very very expensive but when we see on these plants you will love to see them some of these thought to be ornamental plants one of the best feature of this cactus family is or you can say xerophytes is they can survive in a soil which have low water content as well as high in salt content. Where some of xerophytes is are also known as halophytes. Some of the succulent plant store water in their stem and leaves basically these plants have round stem and due to which they can store a lot of water in case of cacti their leaves are converted or reduced to spines or thorn or even they don’t have leaves at all. Now let’s discuss about the types of cactus.

cactus can be of different files make different color and different shapes maybe they have a different growing habitat they also known as ornamental cactus or for landscape use in which I got some famous or popular cactus names like prickly pear cactus, barrel cactus, Cholla cactus, pincushion cactus. So below I am posting some of the popular cactus images and may b they are up for sale so stay tuned link will be provided soon for purchasing thank you

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