First of all I will describe the Horticulture term. Basically Horticulture stand for the art of growing of plants in which we say like fruits vegetables to other and other problem basic me.

In this science not only plant doing is concern but also there is landscape Restoration soil management plant conservation landscape design as well as Garden design as I was listing site in my country that is a hilly area their the horticulturists design landscape very impressively basically they make design by planting different types of flowers and arrange them in different ways so that it looks very beautiful.  This is known as landscape. Where in Horticulture there is also planting of vegetable either plant vegetable on your own field or in your kitchen and the planting of vegetable in kitchen is known as kitchen gardening.

And also there is a planting of flowers in which beautiful flower seasonal Flower like rose Lily and many other like these flowers for the decoration of house or land or in industry wherever you want to cultivate. If we compare Horticulture with agriculture, Horticulture does not produce a very large scale crop production like in other disciplines we produce a very vast a crop and get a great production. Basically horticulturist use their knowledge skill and whatever technology learn from the study to grow produce plant for highly produce plant for human food and nonfood we can send known for the flower plant in landscape decoration in horticulturist work plant propagation is involved cultivation with the aim of improving plant growth and yield but no matter how much yield that they provide from the crop. Basically Horticulture come from two words   horti mean Garden and culture mean cultivation. No I will do discuss about scope of horticulture in which Horticulture involves 9 study areas which can be further divided into two broad sections number one ornamental and number 2 edible over-here edible mean the thing which we can able to eat. Further there are some branches of horticulture or sub branches you can say what which I will discuss Ocean little bit on number 1 arboriculture we can define it as the study of for selection of plant care and removal of trees wine or other Woody plant which will do not need next the turf management and this describe all the possible solution for production and maintenance of grass turf grass for sports for decoration and for the year of sitting purpose.  Next floriculture simply we can say that it deal with the cultivation of flowers for decoration purposes. Next landscape horticulture we can say, the production selling and maintenance of a landscape plan. Next floriculture we can say it is the production of and selling of vegetable as well as management. Pomology it is a growing and selling of pome fruit

some of the related horticulture picture slides for references.

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